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We provide award-winning pest control services throughout Broward County. Our professional, team of expert exterminators can help you with any type of pest problem you may have. Call us for your FREE no obligation pest consultation.

We are a licensed and certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Problem Animal Control . While we specialize in bed bug and termite control, we do have years of experience solving all kinds of pest, nuisance wildlife and animal related problems.

We offer pest control and exterminating services for commercial, municipal, residential and industrial properties including homes and businesses.

Ultra Safe Pest Control Services
Pest Inspections
Preventative Pest Programs (IPM)
Pest and Rodent-Proofing
Trapping, Baiting and Removal
Pest Control Consultations
Detailed Documentation and Reporting
Green Pest Solutions and Alternatives Available

Call Today for a free no obligation pest control consultation

Pest Prevention Programs Our line of 'UltraGuard Preventative Pest Programs' is the all-inclusive solution to protecting your property from unwanted pests. These comprehensive maintenance programs were engineered by our own Staff Entomologists and Pest Control Professionals.

Take a proactive approach to preventing pest activity. We use advanced and environmentally responsible methods, devices and materials. Each pest prevention program is customized to fit the needs and budget of the individual property.

Pest Programs Feature:
Detailed Inspections
Custom Site Specific Plan Of Action (IPM)
Treat Any Existing Pest Activity
Removal & Sanitization Of Existing Pest Droppings & Debris
Perform Pest-Proofing & Exclusion (entry points, breeding sites)
Pest Education & Awareness
Scheduled Follow-up Visits
Guard Against Future Infestations
Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Pest Inspections
Full Warranty Including 24hr Emergency Service
Detailed Documentation of Activity and Conditions
Access to Online Account (Customer Portal)
Cost-Effective, All-Inclusive Payment Plans

Call today to speak with one of our Pest Specialists!
Property Protection Program
Home Protection Program
Commercial Program
Bed Bug Protection Program
Tick Protection Programs
Mosquito Protection Program
Termite Monitoring Program

While we are best known for our success with bed bugs, we have specialists available for every type of structural pest or nuisance wildlife situation. Our ownership group is made up of locally born and raised, industry professionals. Ownership is directly involved in the day-to-day operations and services being offered.

Our Mission
To provide our customers with advanced pest management solutions, exceptional customer service and alternative methods to conventional pest control. To lead a team of professional and dedicated staff members that see every project through to complete customer satisfaction.

In addition to the basic "state required" core licenses, our staff holds commercial and advanced certifications and special permits for:
General Pest Control & Extermination
Termite & Wood Destroying Insect Inspection & Treatment
Bed Bug Inspections & Services
K-9 Scent Detection
Nuisance Wildlife Management
Problem Animal Control
Entomology & Pest Identification

Copies of licensing, Certifications and Insurance Information are available upon request.

Our Pest Control Methods
Our goal is to solve and prevent pest problems in the most effective, environmentally responsible and economically feasible way possible.

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